Roots is a theme base fine dine restaurant with a unique interiors.

After some initial correspondence with Mr. Naresh and Mrs. Ritika via email we had fleshed out some thoughts on the style of the logo and what values would be presented through it. Examples of a previous design were supplied, and it was mentioned that the restaurant is going to be on the theme of Roots and wood and we have to use the graphic elements like roots and wooden elements.

The team started work, sketching out the ideas for the logo, our main focus for the graphic of the logo was to display the Roots in a creative way that could be seen as an abstract mark, but also recognizable.

After conducting a little research, it occurred to us that the horizon and the bottom of the surface can be used to symbolize the kind of services they are pomissing so we concentrated on drawing up a circle with roots and twisted into the shapes of the semi-circle. The two styles that stood out were the semi-circle and the skyline effect and the smooth/curling version.

Few more sample that we worked upon