RADII is an upcoming social platform that allows you to talk to people around you privately. Users can broadcast about events, sports or any needs they may have.

Although the idea is brilliant, the challenge is their chicken and egg problem. The users supposedly engage with the app when they see a bustling community and to see a bustling community, people need to start.


We figured that the participation on the app needs to be in mass. So we selected avenues where this app could be useful and created campaigns around them. One such example is recently launched, Delhi's Even/Odd Rule.

We created a Landing Page with a scenario about how the app could be used for carpooling by talking to people around the users and got people to come on board.

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They wanted to have the story telling and experience section for the user of their application.

The major goal was to build the online presence and get right audience to the website to download the application.

Keeping all those aspects in mind, we developed the website for RADII.

Visual Design

A simplistic website, demonstrating about the app and its use cases. We are fan of minimal design and engaging content.

Landing Pages

RADII can be used in myriad ways, yet we wanted to focus on a single use case; that's Carpooling in Delhi, to attract the right audience for a common purpose. We used Facebook Advertising to drive traffic to the page and educate the visitors.

Social Media Mareting

This was the centerpiece of our strategy. We use RADII's Delhi Facebook Page to drive, engage and educate people of our targeted domain about the app.

From videos, to posts, to ads, the page was the hub to all activity.

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With Facebook's geo-targeted and interest based options, running ads on a limited budget to drive ROI is something we are proud about.
We used a tight budget to drive both community engagement, website traffic and app downloads.

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A picture is equal to a thousand words. With 24 frames per second and 1 and a half minutes, it's 2 million!


Once the users came onboard with us and downloaded the app, we used emails to welcome them, make them comfortable and get them to use the app. Emails if written well, can be both personal and promote action!


At this nascent stage, the early adopters need to be hand held to help them create the first wave of engagement. We used our telecalling team to troubleshoot any problems they had about using the app.

the Results

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