Our Policies



These policies would be effective from the date CLIENT pays any amount against the official Invoice raised by SOCIAL CUTLET authority.

1. Services:


Agency would provide the officially listed services to the Client as per the requirements.


2. Confidentiality Clause:


NOTE: All materials given to us, like website credentials, brochures, audio, videos, photos, etc, will only be used for the Client promotional purposes. It will not be used for any other purposes in any shape or form and will be returned if & when required.

All this information will be treated as confidential and proprietary in nature and each and all the information is protected by passwords by the account management team.


3. Fee:


Before Agency begins work on your behalf, the amount would be payable by the Client as mentioned in the officially generated invoice by the agency.

The amount will be placed in Agency’s trust account and will serve as a source of payment for all or part of our account or accounts when rendered. You will be asked to replenish the retainer/project payment from time to time. Any unused portion of the Advertisement Investment will be returned to you upon the completion or termination of our services or carry forwarded to the next month’s marketing activities. The Agency Service Charges remains non-refundable.

In the event of any delay on the part of the Client to pay the Fees within 7 days from the due date would constitute a Material breach of the Agreement by the Client and the Agency shall have the right to stop execution of any and all services to the Client after the expiry of such period until all outstanding dues have been cleared and the Agency reserves the rights to charge 2% interest per week on the unpaid Invoice.

Any TDS deduction should be notified to the Agency and receipt/certificate should be delivered to the Agency with the immediate effect of making the payment.

Ad-Budget would be provided to the Agency when notified to the Client.
Any delay in transferring the Ad-Budget would affect/delay the campaign as well.


4. Expenses and Allocated Charges (also called disbursements)


The Client will also be responsible for reimbursing us for expenses (also called disbursements) we incur on your behalf. These include long distance calls, faxes, postage, deliveries, travel expenses, photocopying, government filing and search charges and the fees of agents who conduct investigations, searches and registrations and all other.


5. Other notes:


Termination Policies: 

Agency does not take less than 3 Months contracts as trial marketing and advertising. In case Agency accepts the same, then the termination of such trial activities is not possible. And remains Non-Refundable.

In any special case Client requests for the refund, with one month of notice. Agency reserve the right to observe the case and decide for the refund to the Client.

In the case of website design and development service, the termination can not be accepted by the Agency. And this service remains Non-Refundable.

In any case, if the Client fails to provide any information within the agreed period of activities, then Agency would grant a grace period of 15 days as an extension to fulfill the same. And After that Agency holds the rights to close the account with no refund responsibilities.

The Agency reserve the right to terminate the services with the no refund responsibilities to the Client for good reasons which include, but are not limited to:


● If the Client fails to cooperate with us in any reasonable request;
● If the Client continuing to act would be unethical or impractical;
● If the retainer has not been paid; or If fail to pay our accounts when rendered.
● If the Client terminates the Agency services or we withdraw, the Client would only have to pay our fees and expenses up until the time we stopped acting for you.


6. Notices:


Any form of communication sent via email shall not be effective unless the addressee acknowledges the receipt of such communication, such acknowledgment to take the form of reply email to include the communication being acknowledged.


7. Support Policy:


The Agency provides a Support Policy during the period of Service Activation. The support policy provides the following elements:

➢ Free support via email, calls (national only) and chat support.
➢ Support via telephone, with call costs paid by the Customer. (Only applied for international calls)
➢ Agency provides the project management software training if at all needed.
Note: Agency would respond to the client query, raised via email/chat in 4 hrs minimum and 18 hrs of maximum time.


8. Modification of Terms:


Any changes in the terms and conditions contained herein shall have effect only prospectively, and shall be valid only if recorded in writing and signed by the authorized officials of the Client and the Agency.


9. Entire Agreement:


Client acknowledges that these Terms with the included Privacy Statement constitute the entire Agreement between the Client and the Agency.


10. Severability:


Client agrees that if any term of this Agreement is deemed to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable for any reason, all other terms shall remain in force.


11. Governing Law:


The Client and the Agency shall comply with all statutory regulations. This agreement will be subject to Bangalore jurisdiction.


Any Questions about our Policies?


If you have any questions or feedback about our policies, please contact us by referring the information mentioned in the contact section of the website.


Note: Agency and Client can enter into a legal contract if both parties want to do so. These terms and conditions/Policies are common for all the clients and would remain same until and unless Agency makes any changes to the same.