Episode 4: How people respond to your advertisement?

 Today we are discussing, how people respond to your advertisements.


Let me tell you what really happens. Imagine you are running a digital advertisement campaign. So you are running this campaign to reach out to your prospects, to your target audience, to show this advertisement to them. You say, “Hey, this is my offer, this is something that I have come up with.” and you basically want them to take an action, like buy, subscribe or whatever you want.


So what really happens is when you show something really like this to them, this is what goes in their head. Imagine they have never worked with you before or if they do not know you well enough or have not done a transaction with you, this is what they usually think if they DO NOT become your lead.


“Hmm…. This is what you are trying to sell;

I am your prospect but I don’t know you, why should I become your lead.”


This is what they think when they see your advertisement. This could be a Google advertisement, it could be a Facebook advertisement, it could be any other kind of advertisement. So this is the kind of reaction they give out. Now how do you change that?


Imagine if Coca-Cola or Amazon or any big giant does an advertisement like that. Usually, the reaction would be,

“Oh, Amazon has launched this particular sale. I am sure gonna buy this. Let me share it with 2 of my friends. Let me tag 3 of my friends and just go for the sale. I am going to save it on my calendar and make sure, I take benefit of this offer!”.


Now, why the difference in the 2 advertisements? You might be giving something similar Amazon is giving.


The difference is in Branding.


So what happens is, Amazon is a well-known brand; people know and trust the brand.

They may already be consumers of the brand, they know what it is that Amazon is trying to sell. So if the deal is good enough, they simply jump onto it. Sometimes even if the deal is not good enough, they think there is something new and you see a lot of engagement o the ad.


You might see a lot of advertisements of Amazon, Coca-Cola, Flipkart and all that, you will see a lot of people liking the post and lot of people commenting on them. This is not something you might see in your own advertisement.

This is the difference in branding, But, do you have to wait till you become that kind of a brand? Sure you will have to work on it. Amazon wouldn’t have this kind of engagement when they began a long time with their advertisements. NO!


They have done it slowly. It takes consistency, great service and brand recall to create that kind of branding. I am sure you are doing good with services. I hope you are doing really well. So this is what you can do to make sure, that even if people do not know your brand well enough today, you have to get them to convert and give the leads to you. This is what you can do:


  1. Be creative.


I know it is very cliched, but the point is, so are your advertisements. Imagine you are trying to sell your flats and you say “3 BHK flats, luxurious beautiful flats” in your ads. Who the heck is going to buy that? This advertisement is so cliched, so boring that every other developer in town is talking just exactly that.


So whenever I come across an advertisement like that. I simply say to myself, “NEXT”, simple! This is the reason you don’t see a lot of conversions happening on your advertisements. So come up with something interesting they would want to see. Come up with something beautiful, come up with a short video, come up with GIF, come up with something, a better tagline, hire an agency who can write a better copy. Please.


  1. Make them an offer they cannot refuse.


Now, I know I keep repeating the line from the  GodFather movie, but it actually makes a lot of sense in our advertisement world.  So make them an offer they cannot refuse. Imagine you see an offer from Apple iPhone. Like Apple, iPhone 6S for 22,000 bucks, flat. Would you like to jump on it? This is an unbelievable offer. You don’t have to become that frivolous but you have to come up with the offer.


Recently I saw an advertisement by IDFC bank. So what they basically did with this particular offer was, you can get around 40% interest,  40% back out of your investments. No, of course, no bank in the world can give you that kind of interest rates on a regular savings account.


They would basically give you added benefits, besides the savings account interest they give you, they were giving benefits like savings on your cards, savings on movie tickets, and other things as well which added to your savings basically.

So they made it look like it was a 40% saving. It was clever and pretty smart. And even if it was not exactly what they were offering, you cannot really go against them and say, “Hey, this is not what it is.” Because IT IS! If you avail all the benefits you might actually get something like this.


  1. Retargeting.


This is not exactly as famous as the other regular advertising.  Retargeting is really simple. I am not going to make it sound too impossible. This video is not to teach you how it works. But basically, tells you what it is. Retargeting is really simple, Imagine you have shown an advertisement to 100 people. And according to how they react, if they have opened, if they liked your page, if they have engaged, you can begin to show this advertisement again to them for a certain period in time. This is something you would have seen happening to yourself.


Have you ever gone to Amazon clicked on a particular product and looked into the description and when you go back to your Facebook or other platforms and you see an advertisement from Amazon. You will see the same exact product. This is retargeting.

This is what you can do with your own products or services or whatever you are doing.


  1. Consistency


One fine morning you get up and say I will do digital marketing today. Let’s have this kind of budget and let’s run an advertisement for now. And then whether or not it works that well or little well, you will say I don’t want to do it again for some time now let’s do after 6 months.

NO, you cannot do that!


You have to keep doing no matter what small or large budget you have, you have to keep doing it consistently.

They have to keep seeing your brand again and again, and again to find that what you offer exists. This is how people or brands basically make way into customers’ hearts and you have to do that as well. Now It is not always necessary that you always have to do advertising. You can do social media updates, you can start by doing small campaigns. Do something, write a blog page. make a video do something and be consistent.

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