Episode 3: How are leads generated?

How are leads generated?


People are carefully looking at the products and services that you sell. People go to their 9-5 jobs and work really hard to earn money to buy value for money services or products you have to offer! Having thought of that, you have to understand that with great opportunities come great competition. And that is why you need to understand how to get a larger piece of the pie, that is the larger piece of the leads that are available in the market for yourself and your business.


Here we discuss how are leads really generated. Like discussed previously there are 2 kinds of leads:


People who are searching for your products or services actively and people who are not searching for your service actively, but they want to or you think they would want to.


Imagine I am looking for an air conditioner to buy, what will I do? Or I am looking for a flat that I want to buy, what will I do? I will go to e-commerce, I will go to Google, ask my friends, speak to my HR, people I know, friends, word of mouth etc to understand what is available in the market. I will also go to listing websites, like JustDial or Magic Bricks to find out what is available in the market. Next, I will read a lot of content to find out more and more about what I am looking to buy so I can make an informed choice. This is how people search for products and this is how you become a lead.


Then for people who are not actively searching, you have to find out and finalize your target audience. You have to make sure you educate them, make them aware of your product and services, show them how good your products are, tie up with some influencers, do some advertisements promos and reach out to them at the right time with the right message. The idea of this is basically to go to them with a clear message, clear offer, clear USP (Unique selling proposition) as to why should they buy your product or services. You have to convey this to them very clearly.


And as God Father says in the movie “Make them an offer they cannot refuse!”.


When I am searching for something, you should be available for people to be searched for. I am googling your product, your product should show up. I search on amazon or other e-commerce websites, your product should come up or I should be able to look up and find very good ratings of it. If I am looking at the listing websites and your product should be listed there very well enough to be served. You should be able to make me a call and convince me. And if I have a problem, then you have to educate me and have to address my problem and slowly move me down the funnel so that when I am ready I buy from you. This is how searching and lead generation actually works on an overall basis.


Now in the next episode, we will discuss:


I am your prospect, but I don’t know you. Why should I become your lead?

and about Death of cold calling.


It is 2017,  and cold calling is almost dead whether you like it or not. I am not saying you cannot make a cold call but chances are negligible. Unless you have unlimited time and unlimited resources, you might want to understand how lead generation can be done really effectively.


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