Episode 10: How is a lead born? Journey from IDKY to Send us a Proposal!

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This is Aayush and I welcome you to another episode of Bites of Cutlet with Aayush. In the last video, we talked about how to generate leads on your website. Today, we will take a step ahead. I’m going to take you on the journey of how your prospect travels from I Don’t Know You to Send Us a Proposal.


I want to take you through the whole journey and see how it actually works out.


OK, I understand you are a business person or a marketing person and I understand that you know two things about your customer really well:


  1. Who is your prospect? Who are you trying to sell to? Where does he work? He could be a business owner, a facility manager, anyone.


  1.  What are his pain points? What problems does your product/service solve for him?


Now, I understand that you work very hard in improving yourself and your sales team in getting better at sales. You study (research) better, you study negotiation, you improve the process, improve powerpoint presentations, you send the proposals faster and you close faster.


But do you might be ignoring the #1 Sales person in your sales team, that is your website, and it’s subordinates. Now I’ll tell you who they are. Let me first take you on the journey and you will understand what I am saying and why I am saying it.


Here’s how your prospect journeys:


  1. I Don’t Know You!


The first step of the journey is of course, ‘I Don’t Know You’! For this example, let us take the take the example of a lab water testing company owner. Imagine you run a lab water testing company. You test water for institutions and certify if it’s drinkable or potable. A lab water testing company owner usually works with schools, colleges, hospitals, restaurants and even companies which are serving water to a lot of people. As prospect, let’s take the example of a person who is either Facility manager or HR manager. This is someone who decides which lab water company should be employed for testing. So imagine, they are leading their regular work lives and they receive an email from their boss saying, “The year has ended. Let’s renew or contracts, lets get a better lab water testing company or ask existing vendors if there’s any new technology or better pricing? So the Facility Manager goes online and looks for a change for their water testing company.


A lot of times vendors give same or slightly better proposals and if the manager is not happy with them, they go online looking for a new vendor. Online, there are many ways you can get exposed and there a many touch points where you can influence his decision. He may see videos on YouTube, he may be searching on Google actively about water testing companies or he may be reading very influential magazines like Entrepreneur, Forbes etc. So if you or your content is present of any of these touch points, you can influence their decision. So if he’s on Facebook and he sees some new technology a water testing company is working on, same thing on YouTube, and if he’s looking on Google, he’s looking for a water testing and your ad pops in, you are basically interacting with them. If they are reading Entrepreneur or Forbes and your article comes in. They say, ‘this looks interesting, may be we should talk to them.’ So they are already impressed and through any of these touch points, they choose a way to talk to you. They discover you.


2. Discovery.


The second phase is called Discovery. This is where they discover or find about your business. At this stage, they might have seen your ad, a video or your article, it could be anything.


Here, they have seen and found your business online, it could be through any of the above media or a combination.


They are impressed by your company and are ready to find out more about you and your services/products.


3. Impressed.


Once they discover you on search, read an article from you or watched a video from you, they go to your website. At this stage, they are intrigued. They think, ‘hmm, this looks like a credible company. Let me check out their website. I am looking for a vendor anyway. So they go to the website.


Here, at this stage, they hope that the website is easily available, easy browsable and that the content is legible and makes sense!


So, at this stage, if they see too much unnecessary content like ‘About Us’ etc, before even the real information begins, chances are they’ll bounce off. They’ll go back to the internet and look for something else. But if the content, images and presentation is legible and relevant, they can be interested. Eg. if you talk about how you work, what kind of problems you solve and you have shared case studies and the clients that you have worked with, they get impressed and think of you as a credible company and may decide to talk to you.


So, here, the they move from impression to communication phase.


4. Communication.


At this stage, they are ready to talk to you. There are many ways to do so. If they are very interested, they may pick up the call and dial or chat with you or send you an email.


They may be looking to find out more about your work, your case studies and how exactly have you solved problems of your clients. Now you may or may not want to give this information away. You can hide the case studies or such important content behind a wall. Now, there’s no physical wall here. The wall simply means that for your visitors to access this information, they have to share their contact information.


Eg. if your prospects want to look up your case studies, you click the button on your website and a pop up comes in and asks for their email IDs. This way, you get the contact information of the people who are interested to see your work and it could be a good lead for your company!


And chances are, if they are looking at your case studies, they are far ahead in your sales funnel and it’s the right time to speak to them or at least follow up with them.


5. Send us a proposal!


Once the case studies have been sent, make sure you follow up with them! Once this contact is established, it’s the right time to send them a proposal because they are on the table and are ready to talk and probable convert.


To get them to this stage, you can do two things:


  1. Follow up


Send them a quick email saying, ‘hey, how are you doing? I see that you requested our case studies. Is there something I can help you with?’. You can tell them how you solved your existing clients’ problems and tell them more to get them to give you a meeting.


  1. Remarketing


I have talked about remarketing in some of videos, this is a marketing gem!


Imagine they have visited your website but haven’t chatted with you, left them email ID or contacted you, how do you get in touch with them? How do you remind them to talk to you again? Here’s what you can do:


Once your prospects visit your website and spend enough time on it, you can show ads about your company to them everywhere they go, after you have setup a remarketing ad campaign.


This reminds them to get back to you and is often the extra nudge that is required to give you a meeting!


So imagine, I am a facility manager and I visited your website, with the remarketing campaign set in, ads can be shown to me and once I see an ad from you again, when I am relatively more free or ready, I think, ‘hmm, I had visited their website. They seemed credible. Let’s talk to them.’


Here, at least a small percentage of people may come back to you and initiate the conversation which might lead to a sale for your company.


This is how, you can equip your online Sales team, that is your website and it’s subordinates, that is your content, your chat systems and more, to work better for you!


And as you can look back and see, all this work that got them to the table to discuss business with you was done by your website and the right content. That’s how it can work out.


I hope this made sense to you and if it did and you want to add another brilliant member to your sales team that is going to work 24x7x365 for you, you should consider doing some of above changes.


I hope, this video was helpful to you and if it was, kindly Subscribe to our channel so that we can notify you about future content and also, if you think your friends or colleagues can benefit from this content, kindly Share it with them.


Thank you very much for tuning in guys; have a great day!

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