Episode 09: 4 Ways how to generate leads on your Website?

Hi guys, this is Aayush and I welcome you to another episode of Bites of Cutlet with Aayush and today I am going to talk about one particular question that has been asked of me again and again and again, offline, online, on calls, in meetings, everywhere!


This is the Golden question:


“I have a Website. How do I generate leads for my business through it?”


This is a very question that a lot of business persons keep asking of me and so I decided to make a video about it because I think you might have this question as well if you are a business person or work in marketing team in a company. Now, this is how you should actually address it.


So I know that there are a lot of ways to generate leads online; you can do social media, content marketing, Google Adwords, so many things! But these are some things you can start-off with right now and you can begin generating results as you go ahead! I am assuming that if you are running a business, you will have a good website.


These are the 4 things you have to do to make sure your business generates leads continuously even with a minimum ad budget and moderate effort from your end:


  1. Make sure your business website is searchable!

There are hundreds and thousands of people looking for your business all over the

world. Let me take the example of an Interior designer. Imagine you are an interior designer in bangalore. There are so many people looking for what you do. If you want to find out how many people are actually looking for it, go to Google Trends and look for a keyword that people usually use to search for your business. People may be searching with keywords like “interior designers in Bangalore” or “interior designers in Singapore” or any other city. See the trends in your particular domain, in this particular month and you will see probably hundreds of thousands of people are looking for this, every single month!


But the points is, what are you doing about it? What are you doing to get these people to your website and then convert them to business? If you are not doing something, if you are not taking part in this, you are losing money!


Here’s how to tap into this:


  • Search Engine Optimisation


Search Engine optimisation means that if people are looking for your particular type of business by using certain keywords for searching on a search engine, your website should come on at least the first page! This is why people do SEO. If you are not on the first page of the search, you are dead to the world.


This is a long term affair, you have to do content, you have to distribute it, create backlinks and a lot of other stuff. Get an SEO expert, teach yourself or talk to us, we can help you out in this particular part.


But let me tell you something, this takes some time. Imagine you hire an SEO expert, it could be anyone you want, let me tell you that not everybody who says he does SEO doesn’t do SEO really well and if he/she does well, it takes around 3 months to 6 months to generate some kind of results. If you want immediate results, here’s what you can do:


  • Google Adwords


Just go to Google and look for this particular category, “interior designers in Bangalore”. See how many ads you see. All the ads you see will have ‘sponsored’ or ‘ad’ written on it. These are the ads run by different companies. They could be interior design companies, other listing websites showing these advertisements. These are what Google advertisements are.


When people see these ads, they click it thinking they found something or if they don’t want to use the ads, they scroll down and check out the first page. This is what really happens.


So if you want to find immediate results from Day 1, invest in Google advertisements or other search engine advertisements and see traffic coming to your website.


Now I know it requires little bit of expertise to do that but once you actually get this going, it’s really going to pay you back! If you think you need help in this, you can ask us, we will be happy to do that.


2. Make sure your website represents your business well.


Once people are on your website, you have to make sure your website represents your business really well! Your website is basically like an online showroom of your business. A visitor walks into your business, sees the website and this website should be able to tell him enough information that solves his/her particular problem! People are trying to find the solution to their particular problem.


Imagine I am looking for interior designers and I am basically looking for getting the interiors done for my house or something else and that’s the reason I am looking for it; why else will I do that? If I come to your website and I find some impressive content, I say to myself: “Oh they have some amazing testimonials!”, “they have worked with these kind of people”, “there are some interesting pictures on the website”, it connects to me and maybe we can talk.


These are some things I as a visitor should be able to see on your website, enough to actually convert to a lead at least. You have to catch a bit of interest. If you see a lot of visitors come to your website and bounce off, chances are whatever your website represents in terms of content, design or pure usability is an issue; and that’s the reason it’s happening and nothing else. So if you have this problem, work on it and I am sure you can do something about it.


Like in a dance, you have to lead! You are the person who is in control of your business. So you have to make sure that when a visitor comes in to your website, you have to lead him where you want him to be!


If you have an interior design firm website, so people will be looking at ‘Interior design for houses’, ‘Interior design for commercial property, or maybe some ‘tips for interior design’, it could be anything. So according to what the visitor’s interests are, you have to lead him/her to different sections and the sections should be easy to find.


3. Capture their interest by offering something!


Imagine I am their on your website, I have found you online, your content is good but I am on the fence; I am thinking, ‘should I become a lead, should I talk to you or not, I don’t know.’ My being on the fence could cost you money if you don’t take a step ahead. You can take a step ahead, hold their hand and offer them something!


If I have searched for what you offer online, clicked your website from the results, chances are I am looking for what you offer, this is the reason I am here!


At this stage, you can throw a lead magnet. A lead magnet is a simply a freebie to attract attention! If I am on your website, you can throw in something like an eBook, a list of tips that you usually give out to clients, say, ‘5 things you can do to improve how your house feels in summers!’, something like this. Now you have to offer this in exchange for their contact information.


Eg. a pop-up can be installed on your website, showing your offering in exchange of the visitor’s contact information. Chances are, some part of your visitors will convert and share their email IDs. Now this is a simple thing, not converted business for you, I know that, but this is an open door, an opportunity for you to do business!


So, once you have his/her email ID, make sure you continue the conversation and get in touch with them again saying, ‘hey, did I look our eBook?’, ‘are you looking for something?’ or you may send some more information to them via emails. Remember not to stuff them with emails but initiate something. Now this, when done in mass can lead to some lead generation for sure!


4. Be reachable!


If I am on a business website and I don’t even see how to contact and where to contact, it becomes a problem. Nowadays, websites have ‘click-to-call’ options online! So if I am on your website on my phone or laptop, I simply click and it connects to my phone dialer and it helps to reach out faster. So it’s easier to give a call and derive a lead for the business. So this is what you can do as well. It’s a free thing, there are free plugins available.


Second thing, which is a rage in 2017, it’s been on the Internet for a long time but in 2017, it’s picked up like crazy; it’s live chat!


I know that for live chat to work you have to be available online but you don’t really have to be online 24×7! You can be simply be online in your working hours. There are very advanced chat systems today where you can set your working hours and you can even set offline messages. So whenever somebody comes in to your website, a pop-up can go to them and say, ‘hey! Are you looking for something? We can help!” This helps initiate the conversation.


So this person (chat) can be the store manager of your online store and works 24×7 on your website for free or paid, depending on which chat software you use. This is one of the best ways to capture leads! So if you are not using this, do it today! I don’t know why you aren’t doing it already. 2017 is half over!


So, these are the 4 things that you have to get traffic and convert leads on your website!


Bonus Technique!


But hey, I really respect you for listening to all this and if you have reached this far, I should be giving you a Bonus! The bonus is one more technique, one more secret technique that works for even the most ardent and difficult businesses to capture leads. Now this nugget of information is called Re-marketing! I have talked a bit about re-marketing in one of my previous videos as well. It’s a very simple concept. How it really helps is this: Have you ever gone to a website and seen it and browsed it and then whenever you go back to Google of Facebook, you see ads from that website! That’s re-marketing!


You can employ remarketing services on your website. This is basically a part of Google, Facebook and some other platforms. What really happens is when some visitor comes in and stays for some time, cookies are captured and whenever they go back to the websites like Google and Facebook, your ads are shown to them. You would have invested some ad budget to do this but it’s really effective. So when I see your website for the first time and think, ‘I’ll come back’, ‘I’ll think about it.’, the follow up is done automatically by these advertisements. For the next 2-3 days, they’ll see your advertisements wherever he/she goes!


So if a visitor sees your website on Thursday, on Saturday he could be seeing your website and wondering, ‘oh ya! I saw this advertisement. Let’s go back again and do business!’. This is what you can do here!


So, you have to make sure that your website is the #1 Salesperson of your company which works 24×7 for you, 365 days a year. No holidays, no off-days, no jayantis, nothing!


This is all you need to do. If you are able to do these 4 things on your website, it will work for you!


If you are still using a template based website, having shitty content and shitty images on it and wondering, ‘why is my website not making money??’, ‘why is my website not getting leads??’, the problem is with you, not with your website!


Do something about it. You don’t have to spend thousands and lakhs of rupees on it but at least do some basic changes and make sure your website looks good enough to represent your business!


Thank you so much for watching this video, I hope it was informational to you, and if it was, Subscribe to our channel and we’ll make sure that we keep sending notifications when we release new videos. And share it with people who you think will get help by this particular video. Thank you so much! Have a good day!

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