Episode 08: Is your website sufficient?

Today I am going to talk about primary things that people do for lead generation.  

I am also going to talk about if , your website is sufficient?

What do you really need in a website to have it sufficient enough to generate leads for you? Does this sound something new to you? Does your website generate any leads for you?

If not, listen closely! What’s the reason people even have a website today?

Do you have an eCommerce website, like Amazon, which has a lot of products, lot of things on website that if I log on to your website, I simply see products that I want to see, I search them, I put them in the cart and then I buy it?


If it is something like this, then it is selling products regularly, you don’t have to worry about it. Keep it as perfect. No problem. There could be some tuning but I am talking about generic websites. I am talking about websites where you offer services or certain kind of products on the regular website.

These are some of the reason why people make a website:


The first thing is, your website is basically a detailed presentation of your company. So unless it is not, it’s a problem. If somebody gives you a call and asks you to send a presentation of your company, ideally you should simply say, “please look at my website, it contains everything.” And that is the reason you created it anyway, right?

The second thing is it shows that your business has credibility. It shows to a prospect that this particular person, this particular company has spent enough time, money and energy into putting together the content in a way that presents the company better. So they have spent that much effort, that much time into it, so it is kind of a credible company, not a shady company who doesn’t have a website, who doesn’t have anything, see there are thousands and thousands of companies around for something that you are looking to do. So if you are one of those who still doesn’t have a website, wake up, please come out of the cave and go get a website.

The third thing is your website is supposed to offer contact information. Now I am not talking rocket science, I am not talking about heavy marketing lead generation stuff, simple, contact information. Not a big deal. Now, there are people who think it is very smart to have a contact page which has 8 to 10 fields asking about the phone number, the email address, the company name or may be even their blood group, I don’t know. So when people see that kind of fields, people don’t sign up.

Most people who come to your website are basically looking forward to checking who you are, what you do, and they are not really ready or convinced enough to share that level of details and spending that much amount of time. So cut it short, simply have the phone number of which can easily be contacted.

Also one of the things that have been discouraged right now is that you don’t just share an email ID. Lot of people say, “if you want to contact us, send email to info@yourcompany.com”. The problem is when I see emails like these, I feel like, “Is this even a valid email?”, “Does it even get read?” It sounds very very impersonal. Nowadays people have come up with chat systems. Somebody who wants to talk to you, simply pops open the chat, you can just talk and get the query resolved. This is how interactive websites are nowadays.


Now let me show you something called a website sales funnel.


Let us zoom out from the website to the whole Internet. There are hundreds of thousands of people who are looking for your services. There are 7 billion people on the planet. You are in a particular city, imagine you have a local business. Let’s say you are an architect. You are based out of, say, Bangalore or Singapore or Chicago, anywhere, one particular city. Imagine people might be looking for architects in Singapore.  If I am looking for something like this online, chances are, I see a whole list of websites, a whole list of companies coming in. So let me show you what your competition really is. There are thousands of companies who are like you, do what you do and do Internet better than you do.

Unless you are on the number one google ranking already if you are, I salute you. Ok. If you are not, hear me out. Chances are if you have something like this, first of all when I Google “architects in Singapore”, I see a couple of advertisements. OK. Google shows advertisements, that’s how they make money and some of the architect firms would have invested some money into this.

Second thing is, those architectural firms who are really doing really well on the internet, people are seeing and it is very relevant according to Google, they come on the top. Then there are some listing websites also, possibly. I don’t know if there are listing websites for architects in Singapore. I am just giving an example. Listing websites talk about multiple businesses, so in India, we have Just Dial, or AskLaila, Sulekha something like that. So may be their websites are listed and coming on top.


So the point is, in case your website is not on the first page, most people don’t even go the second page, they simply change the keyword. I am looking for architects in Singapore, but I don’t see anything that interests me, I would just simply change to South Singapore or East Singapore or whatever it is. So the point is people doesn’t go to the second pages. Even if people go to the second or third page,  we are almost dead to the public, and most business happens on the first page itself, by the way.

So there are these many people, hundreds and thousands of people (image: Sales funnel) , there are this first level of people who are looking for something you are offering,  the second set of people, imagine they have found your website on Google or Facebook or whatever search engine they are using to find your services or find your website.


Now, on google or bing, there is some content. So maybe name of your firm, so imagine you are Mr Henry and Sons, so Henry and Sons Architects, firm since 1925 and some beautiful content up there. Then the point is, I have to like that particular content, the content has to get my attention and only if it does, another subset of people click and go to the website. Now I am going to ignore all those people who accidentally click and close the website. That’s junk. A good percentage of it should be able to come to your website if it is actually reachable. Then they reach your website and then finally, out of a whole lot of people looking forward to your offer, only a small lot of people are on your website as visitors. And if it is happening, all the best, you are very lucky, you are doing really really well.

Now the problem actually even begins, major problem. Basically, they come on the website, most websites are actually very generic, and it is not their fault most of the times. The problem for example in this particular website, I come to your website I see a lot of contents, home page, about us page, contact us page, services page and so basically I as a visitor, see lot of content,

I will be distracted. I have a particular question in my head when I google or visit the website as a visitor.


These are a couple of things that scare people away from the website.  So even if you are getting hundreds and thousands of visitors on your website, this is what it is scaring them away. There are 5 points.


So people want only a part of services. So now you are an architect, I am looking to do only a particular room of mine with a certain budget. I am wondering, can do this? Is this the right thing to do? I don’t know. I have questions right. I just want a certain part. So if your content is very generic and it is not telling me anything, it is like telling me, these are the 100 things I do.  Then I am like they do all this but doesn’t answer my question so I feel like, it doesn’t connect, just close the tab and go somewhere else. Simple.


The second thing is there is no trust factor. I am coming to your website for the first time, I don’t know you personally, unless somebody has given me the link to your website, I am coming through to search, I don’t know who you are, the content seems ok, not good enough, the images are fine, it doesn’t look very appealing. So what happens is, I tend to bounce off, so you can do a couple of things to improve that. We will get on that but on a different medium. There are certain ways to do that as well. So there is no trust factor.


The third thing is there is too much content. So if I am coming to your website to find a simple solution and your website makes me read three paragraph of, about us. I am going to think, this person doesn’t know what he is talking about.  He is basically wasting my time so I will close the website.


These are the three things actually, even though I mentioned five, which drive people away.

The thing what you can do here is basically you can have a landing page. Now let me just quickly tell you what a landing page is.  A landing page is basically a page which talks about a particular service or talks about the solution to a particular problem.


So imagine you do five things, OK.If a visitor comes to your websites and says hey, this is the thing I need to do and this is what I was explained, it is easier for me to connect.  So a lot of pages, websites are nowadays very smartly built for different areas and they service in a very linear fashion.


Imagine they come to you as an architect and imagine you say, we do rebuilding, we do design, we do home construction. When I click design, I find step by step how it does, it is very impressive to read. That is fine, that is how content is written in a way that is easily consumable.


So unless your website is very generic like 60% of the websites like these are on the internet, people are going to bounce off the page and go to some other competitor. And you also have to have a lead capturing mechanism. So have a live chat, have a lead magnet, have retargeting.


Have you heard about Amazon before, by the way? What happens is, if you go to Amazon, you look up a particular product, even if you close the advertisement, you go to Google, you go to Facebook or you go anywhere as you usually browse on, then you see an advertisement of Amazon. That is called re-targeting or re-marketing. OK, that’s what happens usually.

Now, this is what basically holds people and makes them to convert into leads.


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