Episode 07: Value of constant lead flow. Lead generation can save your life!


Today I want to talk about something serious. This video is not just about me telling you how lead generation works, I want to talk about something serious here. If you are watching this video, chances are you are either a business person with a lot of responsibilities, you running and heading a business or you are a marketing executive working in a company or any marketing position for that matter. Now if you are a business owner or someone with that kind of responsibility, I am sure you are running a lot of errands, you are working really really hard in the business, trying to make ends meet, trying to find more business for your company, getting more revenue. What you are doing everyday is that, you are taking a lot of responsibilities like going to business events, going to get new clients, chasing new deals; everything.


Now as far as I’ve understood, business development is an activity that consumes most of the time of a business owner or a person in a marketing position. But business development is basically an activity where you have to work a lot, you have to work really hard and it is kinda really unpredictable also. You go to business events, you go to networking events, you go to client meetings, you go to referral events, you go to channel partner meets and a lot of other stuff, you are basically trying to do one thing, SELL! You are trying to sell yourself, sell your services and your products or anything you have for that matter. You are trying to get those goals, you have to meet those goals and you want to meet those expectations,  you want to actually work and survive that particular month, or that particular quarter, or that particular year with a lot of pressure on your head. I’m sure that, you know, you are doing really well and I hope you are doing well.


You see, when you do all this, this actually creates a lot of stress, don’t you think? A lot of times when you are doing all these activities, meeting those goals, not every day is a good day, not every day is a great day right? But the point is, a lot of activities you are doing isn’t making your life any better. You are not actually getting leads or getting business in a constant flow. It is very common that you are doing and following all those people, following all those clients but not everybody is ready to just give you a cheque with the name of a company on it. It is not that easy. So chances are you might be developing a lot of stress.


So let me ask you one question. I want you to ask this question to yourself as well.


What if, you were to take a 10-day vacation, from your company, from your office, and make sure nobody calls you. No vendor calls, no client calls, nothing. Can you survive? Can your business survive? Or would you be taking a lot of stress on your vacation?

What’s happening with my business? What’s happening with my job? Is he performing well? Did we get new clients? Did we get new business? How are we going to pay next month’s salaries?

Will you be able to relax on the 10-day vacation?


Let me ask you another question?


Imagine you were to disappear from your job for a month. Imagine, may God forbid, you meet with an accident, and you are not able to come to work for any reason whatsoever.  Will you be stressed out of your life thinking, how will my business work without me? How will I even have my job when I return? Do you have these kinds of questions in your head? If this is true let me ask you one more question. How long can you actually stay in your position, working this hard, with this much stress with not knowing how to actually settle it down. How do you do that?


The problem is, with this much stress, can you really last 20-30 years? Can you last another 20 years doing the same thing? If the answer is NO. Then my friend, I have to tell you one thing, This is how most parents behave with their newborn children. They focus a lot on them, they feed them, they clean them, they do everything for them to make sure they are safe.


Let me tell you, even if their parents love the baby, they cannot be a parent of a small toddler for 20 years,  it is very stressful. Ask any mum, maybe your parents, you would have gone through such stage. It is very stressful. You cannot continue to do that for a very long time, and if you do that you would end up developing a lot of stress, maybe a lot of blood pressure and other diseases along with that. What’s going to happen about that?


Do you think that is the career you planned for yourself?


Is this the reason you started your own business? If not, the answer is very simple. You simply need a regular flow of business through your door. How does it work? It works through lead generation.


Now imagine this scenario:


If I have to call you every week and to deliver 30-40 leads, whatever number of leads in your inbox regularly; week by week, month by month, year by year, would it make your life easier? Will it lower your stress? You don’t have to any longer run behind the business, client to client, prospect to prospect, this call, that call, that email, he didn’t reply, what to do?


Will you be able to do this? You don’t need to.


Now every week, I can guarantee that you will receive these many leads in your inbox as enquiries. These people would not guarantee business to you, but you can convert a percentage out of that. Would it make your life easier? Would it lower your stress levels? If yes, then we should definitely talk.

And this is what lead generation is all about. Lead generation is basically doing activities in a measured way through digital advertising, and that is what we do usually. And then making sure that leads are constantly flowing in your system, again and again. This is how lead generation can actually, practically save your life.


If you are able to do this, I might be able to lower the stress levels. If I am talking to you as a business person, I’m not trying to sell you my services, no, I am not selling you my digital marketing. I am trying to lower your stress levels. And this is what lead generation is capable of, this is the power of lead generation and power of constant lead flow.


Think about it, think about how it can work for you. Is it the right time to move from toddler level to let your child grow? If it is, think about lead generation.


Thank you so much, for watching this video. I hope I haven’t got you stressed, even more than you already are, and I hope I have given you some food for thought.


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