Episode 06: 4 things a prospect sees before they become a lead.


We are sitting in the Social Cutlet office and it is the inner side of the office and Harish is very pissed off about the traffic noise we have in the background. We are not on the 32nd floor of a swanky office and we are humans and there is bound to be some noise. So you focus on the content and not on the noise. We are trying to make good videos that have some good content and Harish is trying to add some music after and before the video and in between, I am talking whatever I can.

Let’s focus on what we have at hand and what we can do best. 


Today we are gonna talk about 4 things a prospect sees in you before they become a lead. So Imagine I come to buy your services, I am basically looking at your business. So I look at your landing page, I may look at your website campaign, I make look at marketing campaign or anything at all and I’m thinking should I talk to them for business or not. These are 4 things I would notice:


  1. Perceived value of the product or the service.


Imagine I’m looking forward to buying something that you want to offer. What I see basically is:


What is the product that is been offered?

Is it good enough for the value you are offering?

Is this something which that I want to buy?

Is the idea good enough?

Does it excite me?

Is it going to solve my problem or not?

If yes, good enough. if not, I wouldn’t even go to the next step.


  1. Testimonials and references.


The second step once the first step is qualified, is to see if others are doing business with you or not.


If I see that you have a lot of testimonials from clients that you have done business with, if the people are talking about you, if you show that the clients have done business with you, then it gives me a little bit of trust, a little bit backing that I should trust you at least enough to talk to you.


At this stage, I want to see some references. Have you done it before? Nobody wants to be a scapegoat. Right? No one wants to be the scapegoat of a trial so if you have done this before it becomes easier for a person to trust you.


So add as many testimonials, as many references as you can in a website. If you have written before on great magazines like Huffington Post or Entrepreneurs or something like that, some publications, please share them on your landing pages.


  1. Pricing


The third thing I really care about is the pricing. Now imagine I have seen the perceived value, I’ve seen the product is good, I’ve seen the service is good and people are doing business with you but the pricing is so damn high that I cannot afford, I am not the right audience for this, I will be pissed off. I will take a step back and say it’s too pricey and I cannot do this, even if everything else is fine.


So at this stage, it is a good idea to have a transparent pricing. I know there are a lot of industries where you cannot have a transparent pricing because it needs customisation and it is way too customised. But it is often good to have some kind of indicator to the pricing so that a person can find out if they can actually even try or think of giving business to you. So if you have some pricing, show it to them. Let them have an idea. If the pricing is good enough then I am ready to talk to you. I think, yeah, this is fine, the product is good, it is trustable, and the pricing is fine and even if it is a little higher I can negotiate and let’s see how it goes.


  1. Approachability


The fourth and final point is approachability. This might come across as a very silly point to some people. Some people say, obviously, I am approachable, I’m open for business. But the point is, is your landing page or website saying the same thing.


So if I as a customer or as a prospect, have a hard time finding a ‘Contact Us’ section, if I have to fill a form on contact section which is around 8-10 fields, then I’m definitely going to be pissed off. I’m not going to fill all this information. Hey, I’m just beginning to trust you. I’m not going to do this much pain and effort to just begin a conversation.


So try to be a little more open to approaching communication. A lot of people who initially had long forms, now have reduced the size of the form to just name, email and phone number.

Some people even have the chat options, so automatically when somebody goes to a landing page or website, a chat pops up and says, “Hey, hello I’m there! How can I help you?

Something like that feels great. Feels like I am in a showroom and there is an attendant to serve me or talk to me. I feel good that I feel important. If you are doing these four things in order and doing it well, chances are, I will become your lead.


This is all I have to say in this particular episode. In the next episode we are going to talk about, how lead generation can save your life. Now, this is scary.


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