Episode 05: The Death of Cold Calling.


Today I am not going to discuss lead generation. No! Today I am going to tell you a story.


Once upon a time, long long ago, there was Mr. Henry.  Mr. Henry used to come to his office and tell his employees to pick up their “holy book”, the Telephone Directory and dial everyone on the list to sell his wares.


At that time the phones were new, recently been invented, everybody would answer their calls and slowly the sales began to flourish. As time passed by, people got busier and they did not like answering calls again and again and the phone was no longer a novelty. So the sales began to drop. Unfortunately, the company had to downsize, Mr. Henry had to let his employees go.


But Mr. Henry was old by then, set in his old ways, who could not change and soon the company closed down. What Mr. Henry didn’t realize was that cold calling was dead!


Soon people began to realize that every other company was making calls and trying to sell their products on the phone. So the telesales actually became pesky and people began ignoring these calls.  


Mr. Henry’s son James, passed out of college and started his own company. He wanted to restart his father’s business and do it in a different way with new energy, new vigour, and new ideas. Now James very well knew that all his audience was online; searching, watching videos and socializing. So he made a new website and started marketing and generating leads online and well, the business flourished. Mr. Henry was really proud of James.


So I have to ask you one question today.


Do you want to be Mr. Henry who had to close his business because he was not ready to change his old ways?




Are you Mr. James, Do you want to be James, who understood where the market is going and tried to focus his marketing efforts on the things that actually work? Ask the question to yourself and do yourself a favor.


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